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The accommodation by Prokop's pond.
We offer you an accommodation in an apartment or in a cottage by a pond, which is located at the edge of the little Moravian town Koryčany in the Czech Republic.

This peaceful town is situated at the foot of the highlands Chřiby, which offers to the visitors a number of undemanding trails in a beautiful countryside, both for walking and cycling. Its woods hide the remains of the ancient history of the region (the castle Buchlov, the ruins of the castle Cimburk and others). The not very remote city Brno (the second largest city in the Czech Republic), charming town Kroměříž with its famous gardens and the former archbishop’s residence (inscripted in the UNESCO World HeritageList), the ancient cloister and the religious center of South Moravia Velehrad are possible destinations for a day trip. The region is famous for its vineyards and good wine.
The private pond is available for passionate anglers.
There are 6 beds in the cottage and 4 beds in each apartment. One of the apartments is adjusted for the physically disabled.

The price for the cottage is 195 Euro per week, for the apartment 155 Euro per week (the price does not include the costs of the electricity).

If you have any further questions or if you wish to book the accommodation by us, please contact us:

Phone: +420 777 861 612
+420 602 817 045

E-mail: info@rybnikprokop.com


Ludmila Selucka
768 05 Koryčany
Czech Republic

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